Tuvsjyen, Saltstraumen
Fishing near the Maelstrom


In Saltstraumen surroundings there is not only one, but 4 tidal currents giving a superb foundation for a fishing paradise.
Our location at Tuvsjyen is right in the middle and a good base for renting boats to try fishing on your own or as a group. We can organize the suitable size boat, safety gear, equipment and guide/skipper to meet your needs. 
Please contact us: Email post@tuvsjyen.com 

Watch our short YouTube film from Saltstraumen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9fjus1XyLc   

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GPS position Tuvsjyen: 67.221023N  14.649002E

Tuvsjyen is situated by Road 812 in Saltstraumen, 30 K's south of Bodø.

Bodø Airport, Ferry Harbour and Train Station is close to the city center.

We can assist with booking of transfers. Driving time from Bodø to Saltstraumen is approx. 30 minutes. Hire cars are offered in Bodø.

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